The Wi-Fi market might become dominated by smartphones

Jasmina Lozevska January 28, 2014 0
The Wi-Fi market might become dominated by smartphones

We are already aware that smartphones and mobile PCs are on the rise and the Wi-Fi market developers can only confirm this information. The latest research shows that these mobile PCs and smartphones will become the most wanted gadgets 4 years from now. This information has been revealed by the wireless IC suppliers and it clearly confirms what all of us already knew. The newest report based on this research (a research by HIS Technology) claims that more than 400 million high-speed Wi-Fi ICs will be delivered to the mobile PC market. The first calculations show that this is equal to $2.5 billion.

While the Wi-Fi market will be on a constant rise, Other Competing Wireless Standards and 60 GHz Technologies will also become dominated by the smartphone market. This study proved that more than 80 million wireless ICs will become dominated by the smartphone market. The calculated revenue will be over $260 million. This report was made while using the Wireless HD, 802.11ad or Multi-Stream Wi-Fi. WHDI has been considered as high-speed Wi-Fi technology.

According to a senior analyst who works at IHS, Stephanie Gibbons, people will use high-speed Wi-Fi PCs at home in order to stream various HD content directly on their TV sets while they are using their home network. While people are in their offices, they will use their high-speed wireless equipped mobile PCs in order to transfer and release large files in just a few seconds. This will become more and more attractive in the future. Because of its popularity, Wi-Fi market developers will have a chance to find the best way to improve their network in the future.

Wi-Fi market

Previous studies and reports have revealed that people will switch to using smartphones and tablets. They will stop using their laptops and PCs from because they will be enabled to do the same work on their innovative mobile devices. Several previous reports showed that 2017 will be the year when tablets will take over the world. Year after year, we see how tablets and smartphones are becoming more popular. The app developers will probably speed-up the whole process of creating new gadgets and they will help the Wi-Fi market developers to reach their final goals.

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