T-Mobile to Transpire a Model Without Contract in Near Future

Jasmina Lozevska March 7, 2013 0

Latest rumors suggest one of US major carriers – T-Mobile is going to start selling devices without the well-known 2-year contract that almost every major carrier has as an offer. The rumors hasn’t been confirmed, nor denied by the carrier, but insiders say we should expect an official announcement very soon.

What about other companies? T-Mobile couldn’t be the only one that would cut off the 2-year contract. If this is what users really want, than every major carrier should consider following T-Mobile’s steps.

2-year contract weren’t such a bad idea – you sign it and get a significant discount on your favorite device. And yet, customers still weren’t very delighted by the idea to be bound to one carrier, no matter how big the discount is.


However, without the contract devices will have much higher prices. For instance, the new iPhone 5 is only $200 on-contract, but its price tag can get up to $650 without signing a 2-year contract. We can clearly see much lower on-contract prices, which are the main reason many users can afford high-end devices.

Tech specialists say this was the logical course of events and if T-Mobile finally manages to ditch the 2-year contract, then other major carriers will most probably do the same.

CNET’s Executive Editor for CNET News says customers will still sign a contract, but it won’t bind them to the carrier’s service. Customers will have a choice to either pay the full price of the device or pay in monthly installments.

If this appears to be true, then I guess this year will be an interesting one for all consumers, especially for the ones that didn’t really like to be bound with one carrier’s services. We’re looking forward to seeking what will happen next.

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