Xbox One and PS4 beat Wii U yearly sales in two months

David January 29, 2014 1
Xbox One and PS4 beat Wii U yearly sales in two months

nintendo-wii-u-salesThings aren’t looking good for Nintendo, after a rough year trying to keep the company together, figures have been released showing the Wii U sales, revealing the lack of penetration into the market.

Over the course of 2013, the Wii U only managed to grab 2.8 million sales, less than the PS4 or the Xbox One in two months. This is a big problem for Nintendo, who previously gained unrivalled success with the Wii.

The Wii sold over 100 million units in its lifetime, beating the Xbox 360 and PS3 by around 20 million sales. This time, it looks like the Wii U will sell about a quarter of the units Microsoft and Sony are shipping with their next generation consoles.

Right now, the Wii U is stuck in a catch-22 situation, they have not got enough buyers to gain game developer interest and game developers aren’t interested because there isn’t enough buyers.

This means the Wii U will not get good developer support, some titles that come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One may miss the Wii U and there will be less exclusives, meaning Nintendo will have to fill the store.

This is not the worst thing that could happen, Nintendo has been one of the best game developers over the past few decades and have tons of IP to re-use for the Wii U, admittedly this will not draw a lot of attention, whereas a triple-A game might.

Ubisoft was one of the feature developers for the Wii U, adding Zombi U to the launch lineup. This did bring in a few hundred thousand sales, but Ubisoft has since said they are not looking to work anymore on the platform.

Nintendo may look to acquire developers through payments, to make blockbuster titles for the Wii U. Microsoft has made headway with the Xbox One, simply because developers of games like Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall decided to go for an exclusive deal with the software giant, Nintendo may have to follow suit.

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  1. Katrina  February 3, 2014 at 9:54 am - Reply

    I think that there is no comparison between Wii U and PS4 or Xbox One. As you mentioned the sales figures say it all. Wii U would have to come up with a lot of new + better games to make this comparison.

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