Blackberry and Foxconn to show new phones in February

Jasmina Lozevska January 29, 2014 1
Blackberry and Foxconn to show new phones in February

BlackBerry and Foxconn are considered as partners by many industry analysts. Everything started when BB’s officials had revealed their mutual respect and ongoing talks for partnering with the Chinese manufacturer for smartphones. However, nothing official has come out from both companies in the first month of 2014. While we are getting ready for the second month of 2014, we are certain about few other speculations. According to a new report, the first result of this collaboration will be revealed during the upcoming Mobile World Congress. MWC is scheduled to start at the end of February.

These speculations have become stronger after Terry Gou, Foxconn CEO, revealed that they are designing a new device for BlackBerry. They will showcase few new devices at the upcoming MWC show in Barcelona. Many of us have been waiting for BlackBerry to make a move at CES, but we didn’t see much yet. MWC is known as an event where smartphone companies are presenting their future plans or using the opportunity to reveal a new device. This move will definitely be a new change for this company, after the recent BlackBerry Live cancelation where the rest of BB’s devices were revealed.

The source warned us that we shouldn’t get too excited about this information. The release date could indicate that this device will be sold in several parts of the world (except Europe and the US). When the first rumor about this partnership became known, BlackBerry revealed its plans for targeting emerging markets with their future handsets. These markets include Indonesia, Brazil, China and some parts of Europe. There isn’t any official information yet, but there might be something cooking in BlackBerry’s “oven”.

Blackberry and Foxconn

The source didn’t reveal any details about the hardware specifications. It’s not clear whether BlackBerry would choose to go with new BB 10 hardware options or whether BB’s phones will be running on BB OS 7 software. It is clear that this company will go with a physical keyboard after John Chen revealed that most of the future BlackBerry phones will be created with the help of QWERTY. This could be a really good move because the keyboard is the only thing that makes this company different than other companies. I know many people who prefer a keyboard over a touchscreen because it is easier to work on keyboards and they are much easier to control.

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  1. Mike Kennedy  January 30, 2014 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    To whom this may concern. I have a blackberry torch now, great phone for me. My 3 years are coming up very soon. My provider is Telus. My plan is a student plan although im not a student. Telus said no promblem. My plan is 10 favourites and one gig of internet. Great for me. My problem is now they offer 2year plans and free north america calling. Great. BUT they only offer 250 mb of internet. Not Good. SO therefore i will keep the phone that i have and keep my i gig of internet. Would like to move onto another Blackberry but i dont feel i should have to give up what i have to do it. Thanks MIKE

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