Windows Phone 8.1 notification center images leaked

David Parker January 31, 2014 0
Windows Phone 8.1 notification center images leaked


The much-rumored Windows Phone 8.1 update has been a topic of discussion among the tech enthusiasts recently. This new update would bring various features to the Windows Phone device. Among these features, intelligent voice assistant and notification center are most awaited by the users. Earlier, we were not sure whether the update would bring notification center or not, but the recent leaked screenshots have confirmed that a Notification center would be available through this update.

The leaked photo is of the Settings button of the Notification center; there are four quick toggle icons – Cellular Data, Wi-Fi, Brightness and Airplane mode. The Notification center could be accessed even if your Windows Phone device is locked. This can be enabled with the help of a checkbox. Within the new Notification center, there is also a setting with which you can either enable or disable notifications for emails and messages.

windows phone 8.1 notification center

A Microsoft insider tweeted this screenshot and he confirms that this is the real deal. There will also be a voice assistant named Cortana that will be launched with this update and resembles Siri.

Windows Phone is a big platform and the company is putting in a lot of effort to make this platform popular. All the features of Android phones are slowly coming to Windows phone devices, the difference is only that they want to put in everything at once and not adding the features one by one. Since this is going to be a big update, rumors about this would not end till the update actually arrives in the market. This notification center would be very similar to the Android’s notification dropdown menu and all the notifications would be stored in it until you manually read them and clear them.

This update named as Windows Phone 8.1 update would be released in the Microsoft’s Build conference in April and very soon, all the devices running on Windows Phone 8 would be equipped with this update.

Would you like a notification center similar to Android on your Windows Phone 8 device? Do let us know your opinion in the comments section provided below.

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