Nintendo is not going to release smartphone games

Jasmina Lozevska February 1, 2014 0
Nintendo is not going to release smartphone games

Spokesmen for Nintendo announced that they will not be releasing Nintendo’s games on smartphones. Iwata, the president of Nintendo, stated that he still wants to focus on video games only, even though sales have decreased in the last few years. Nintendo’s profit might not be great, but Nintendo’s director still wants to try and make new video games for the public. Iwata also said that he has some interesting, new plans for his company. He stated that there are many people who told him that he should try putting Nintendo’s games on smartphones. However, he decided not to do this because he wants to focus on video games, not on smartphone games.

Iwata also said that Nintendo might give out license rights to several companies in order to use some of Nintendo’s characters.

Nintendo’s latest video game, “Wii U”, has been available since 2012. This game was not as popular as the original “Wii” game. The game received criticism from game consoles experts who said that the first edition of this game was much better than the second edition. Miyamoto, the maker of “Wii U”, has stated in the past that he will not give any excuses about the cons of “Wii U”. This year, Nintendo’s shares have decreased for about 4.3 percent.

Analysts and experts believe that Nintendo is going through a difficult time because of poor sales. Also, the fact that Nintendo will not be released on cellular phones is not helping the company. Izard, a famous analyst who has a lot of experience in game consoles, stated that Nintendo might be facing serious turbulences in the future. Smartphones are becoming the most popular gaming platform out there and if Nintendo does not want to release its games on smartphones, it is going to face a huge loss in the future. Apart from that, the competition is strong at the moment. Right now, companies such as Microsoft, Samsung and Sony are much more successful than Nintendo.


The latest edition of the famous Nintendo game “Mario” will be launched this year in May. Spokesmen for Nintendo stated that the 8th edition of this game will be steamed on GamePads throughout a service that is called “Virtual Console”

Iwata stated that his main focus at the moment is to improve the quality and value of living through his video games. Iwata also said that his company will not be releasing any wearable gadgets in the future. He wants to focus solely on releasing new and innovative video games. Iwata said that he will unveil the rest of the details about Nintendo’s future later in 2014.


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