Smartwatches Could be a New and Upcoming Trend

Jasmina Lozevska March 8, 2013 0

Want it or not, we often find ourselves depended on technology and sort of addicted to it. I mean yes, life is so much easier when using gadgets, but do we really need to walk around staring at our smartphone or checking for updates every 2 minutes?

Things will get even more serious with the introducing of smartwatches, which seem to get a lot of media attention these days. It’s a genius gadget – a watch that can perform all of the features your smartphone has and what’s more, it stays right there, on your wrist. It’s small, handy and you won’t have to look for it in your pockets or bag.


However, in order to stand out from the crowd of many gadgets that didn’t find its purpose in people’s everyday life, the smartwatch has to show an extreme level of innovation and to offer a perfect balance between the use of a watch and a smartphone.

So, what exactly will be the purpose of smartwatches and why should we buy them? Tech specialists are not delighted by the idea of manufacturing smartwatches and claim companies will have to work hard on giving people a good reason to buy their smartwatches. However, negativism does not necessarily mean these gadgets are doomed. Skepticism was also there when first smartphones and many other gadgets were getting introduced by companies, so negative comments and predictions on smartwatches doesn’t mean people won’t like or buy the product.


In fact, I found results of a web poll that asked people whether they plan to buy a smartwatch:

  • 49% thought smartwatches were pointless
  • 30% of them didn’t know what a smartwatch was
  • 14% thought this gadget is a great idea
  • 4% answered they were going to buy it, but they still didn’t know why
  • 4% said they didn’t know

What do you think of smartwatches? Would you buy one for yourself?

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