Apple will focus on health and fitness in iOS 8

David Parker February 2, 2014 0
Apple will focus on health and fitness in iOS 8


If the recent report that appeared in 9to5Mac is to be believed then Apple is all set to focus on mobile healthcare applications in 2014 that would be capable of tracking health and fitness. The sources on the site claim that the health and fitness features would come as part of iOS 8 and may release alongside the much awaited ‘iWatch’ from Apple.

The application is codenamed “Healthbook” and is capable of storing and monitoring statistics such as calories burned, miles walked, steps taken and more. The app will come with the ability to manage and track weight loss as well.

The sources also claim that in addition to the usual health and fitness related features, the app would have the ability to monitor the user’s vital signs such as blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate and other blood-related data points such as glucose levels. The software would also allow users to enter details about their medications that would help them take the pills at scheduled times.


The whole sensor field is going to explode,” CEO Tim Cook has mentioned last year. He added “It’s a little all over the place right now… with the arc of time, it will become clearer.” The company is currently hiring a lot of health, medical and fitness experts for various projects. There have been rumours that Apple has developed technologies to be able to pack several different sensors into a single chipset for miniaturization purposes.

iPhone 5s’ability to track motion with its M7 co-processor combined with the iWatch sensors that track and measure aspects of the human body, the app could help read and monitor a lot of fitness data. Also, since iOS 8 and Apple’s wearable device scheduled for release later this year it is likely that the new operating system is paired with the iWatch.

However, sources do warn us that the health functionality could be removed from iOS 8 before its launch as Apple is known to develop several features for future operating systems and then finalise which one would go ahead before the release date.

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