Finland Aims to launch new Smartphones

Jasmina Lozevska February 3, 2014 0
Finland Aims to launch new Smartphones

When you hear about Finland, you immediately think of the smartphone giant Nokia. Probably many of you will disagree with me saying that this company is still a “giant” in the smartphone industry, but we must not forget what Nokia has done to take mobile phones on a new level. It seems that Marc Dillon had enough from all that talking about new software projects and about the years spent to create them. Finland is on the verge of releasing new smartphones, but this time, the plan is to part ways with Nokia.

Few years ago, all mobile companies’ owners have been forcing their company to be similar to Nokia. We didn’t wait long enough to see Nokia struggling to keep up with the fast moving pace leaded by companies like Samsung and Apple. If you ask someone about this switch, he/she will tell you – It happened overnight. According to an American engineer who spent his life in Finland, Marc Dillon, Nokia’s time is clearly over. Nokia did a great job for a very long time. The picture was bright enough, but they were just avoiding the end of a great story. Mr. Dillon and three former executives at Nokia have taken some time to prove their former bosses they are really wrong.


Three years ago, they have established a new company called Jolla. This project has been funded by an outside investment of about $20 million. The company has 100 employees right now and most of them are former Nokia engineers. In the meantime, they are working on software that was discarded by Nokia for a long time. According to the last official report that came from the company, at the end of last year, they have finished only a part of it. This Finland-based company even succeeded to release a smartphone which was powered by this open-source operating system called “Sailfish”.

By releasing the new Finland-based phone, Jolla wants to bring a new-fangled way for customers to purchase a new smartphone. According to a source close to the company, the first aim is the Western markets that are eager to receive a new mid-range gadget. The long-term plan is bringing the Sailfish OS to perfection and start selling it to other smartphone manufacturers. The Finland-based company believes that this could lead them to licensing agreements. The plan is similar to Google’s plan about its Android platform.

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