Asus set to announce a smartwatch at Computex 2014, special features

David Parker February 3, 2014 0
Asus set to announce a smartwatch at Computex 2014, special features


Asus is entering the wearable devices segment with its first smartwatch according to a report on website Focus Taiwan. The Taiwanese company told the investors back in November that it plans to launch wearable devices at the Computex Taipei trade fair to be held in June.

The website quotes Jonney Shih, Chairman at Asus as having told the reporters at the year-end party that the company would put its “entire design thought” into the development of a wearable product. He said, “There are actually many challenges in this area, and I don’t think products that lack special features will be useful. We’ll try to replace your watch by all means.

Shih supposedly confirmed the company’s November announcement to reporters and said that the new device will be available by 2014.

sony smartwatch 2

Sony Smartwatch 2

The device will supposedly be different from the wearable devices currently available in the market and may even feature a neck style option. The device could possibly be a necklace sporting body temperature sensors and the ability to connect to a smartphone.

Based on insider information, CNA even reported the device to be “distinctive” wearable as compared to its competitors. “We hope we could have a distinctive product when we introduce it. So we will not launch it in a hurry during the first quarter and will likely make it available globally in the second half.” the source said.


This year may well be a year for wearable devices; Glass Glass, iWatch, Oculus VR and its Rift gaming-focused HMD. Giants like Google, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft seem to be putting in all their efforts to come up with distinctive devices that would help them differentiate their products from other devices in the market. Sony, Samsung and Qualcomm have already taken the leap in the smartwatch segment with Smartwatch 2, Galaxy Gear and Toq respectively.

Asus smartwatch will launch in the second half after it’s unveiling at Computex 2014 in June. Get prepared to hear more about wearables in the upcoming trade fair.

One more smartwatch option to choose from! Now that makes us ask you, would you opt for a wearable device only because the device maker jumps onto the idea of a unique device whether or not it has features you can or cannot live without? We would love to hear your views on this. Do write to us with your comments in the section provided below.

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