PlayStation 4 firmware update brings 7.1 surround sound, Gold Wireless headset launched

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The upcoming firmware update for PlayStation 4 will now make it possible for all owners to benefit from different audio options. Sony has also revealed that the firmware update version 1.60 is all set to offer support to both the Pulse Elite Edition and Sony’s Pulse stereo headsets with 7.1 virtual surround sound. Also, as per the blog post by Sony, the PS Vita-compatible Gold Wireless Headset is expected to arrive in the marketplace for only $99.

Gold Wireless Headset: Custom Audio Modes
The Gold Wireless Headset enables you to make use of “custom sound profiles” specially created by PlayStation developers. inFAMOUS: Second Son will be the first game title to utilize this feature and this may prove to be a killer feature for future PlayStation games. Apart from the same, you can also enjoy 7.1 virtual surround sound on this headset. There is also the presence of a hidden noise-cancelling microphone that will certainly prove to be of real advantage during your online multi-player experience. The different types of customizable faceplates, which you can find with the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, can certainly help you to add a dash of customization to your gaming gear.

playstation gold wireless headset

Enjoys Compatibility
The Gold headset can easily be connected with your computer, PS4 or PS3 by making use of the wireless adaptor. It can certainly give you over eight hours of gameplay. Inside the box, you will also find an included 3.5mm audio cable, which will allow you to connect it with different types of mobile devices and PS Vita. The foldable and portable design of the headset makes it the ideal choice for travelling purposes.

Later this month, Sony will release a free Headset Companion App on the PlayStation Store. The app will let you download custom audio profiles specifically created by game developers to enhance your audio experience. In addition to this feature, it will also allow the user to create custom EQ modes or select any of the preset audio modes defined for movies or games.

To know more about the PS4 system update v.1.60, click here.

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