Protect your gadgets from the cold weather

Jasmina Lozevska February 4, 2014 0

You think that it is dangerous if your gadgets become overheated during the summer? Well guess what – cold weather could be crucial for your gadgets, too. Lots of people have been asking how to prevent their gadgets from freezing because they have definitely noticed that their gadgets are working slower than earlier after forgetting them in cold rooms or inside of their cars. The latest research shows that all GPS and Bluetooth devices could suffer battery problems if they are exploited to below 0 temperatures. Some of you will say that you know this, but let’s be honest – we have all left our gadgets in the cold many times.

Experts say that the lithium Ion batteries featured in our gadgets can freeze and crack. When the battery breaks, the gadget is useless right away. It’s not only the battery that suffers from cold weather. Have you ever forgotten your device in your car and when you picked it up, did you notice that it works slower than it used to? – This is because the whole LCD screen becomes frozen and starts to respond on our touch really slow. If you leave your laptop in the cold, your laptop’s hard drive can expand and break.


According to Lisa Sou from Radio Shack, if you leave your gadgets outside and bring them inside afterwards, you should not press the power button right away. Many issues can happen while moving them to warmer rooms after they have been left in the cold. The condensation that happens inside your gadgets will damage them by building up a bigger amount of liquid inside of it. These experts say that we need to wait a couple of minutes before we start to use them so our phones can get used to the new room temperature.

We needed a warning like this because we prefer staying in a room where the temperature is warm enough. We can’t afford leaving our gadgets in other rooms because these kinds of issues could happen and they could make our phones useless. That would hit our wallets again. We’d have to spend a large amount of money to buy the same gadget once again. You should keep your gadgets warm to prevent them from permanent damage.

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