Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 Cut the Mustard or Disappoint?

Jasmina Lozevska March 8, 2013 0

As the Galaxy S4 release approaches, we’re more excited to finally meet this much-rumored handset by Samsung. The company has sent invitations for a press release event on March 14, which should be quite a show, as we all expect the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The event, which most probably will reveal the Galaxy S4, will take place in New York City, at the Radio City Music Hall. Samsung wanted all of the media attention to itself and we’re sure it’s going to be that way.


Bright are the predictions for the next Galaxy S handset. However, there is a significant difference between what the actual rumors induce the Galaxy S4 will have and what techies think the Galaxy S4 should have. And there are also features that most users want to see on the next Galaxy S smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be a fabulous handset for sure, as rumors predict we’ll see an awesome list of features. However, if the S4 manages to include the features I’m about to mention, than its success will be unstoppable.

First comes the design of the handset, on which the South Korean manufacturer should focus a bit more than it did on previous Galaxy S models. The cheap touch of the whole body was mainly caused by the plastic chassis, so this is exactly where Samsung should make an improvement.


And then the display. The Galaxy S3 screen was much dimmer than other screen out there, including the iPhone 4S’s screen. Even HTC and Sony showed better screens that the one on Galaxy S3, so this is another field in which Samsung will have to improve a lot.

As for other specs, there’s no doubt Samsung will make a fully-equipped handset that will offer more features than its predecessor. However, there are a couple of things tech specialists think this smartphone should pack.

  • Both a better processor than the 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 and LTE (an eight-core processor was rumored to be used for the Galaxy S4 and if this appears to be true, than the S4 will be far ahead of other smartphones)
  • A 13MP rear-facing camera and 2MP front-facing camera
  • At least a 2500mAh battery or perhaps even more
  • 4GB of RAM would really blow our minds, as well as an internal storage of at least 64GB
  • And finally, Samsung should make the S4 available to as many carriers across the globe as possible

We’re counting down the days to the official revelation of the much-awaited galaxy S4. We hope many rumors will eventually turn out to be true.

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