Dell makes a marketing mistake

Jasmina Lozevska February 5, 2014 0
Dell makes a marketing mistake

What is the worst thing that can happen when you release a new gadget? You can ask Dell what was wrong with their latest product that they have launched and what was the reason that made them remove the ad which was revealed on their YouTube channel. You all know that marketing is really important when it comes to selling your new product. Every company has its own remarkable approach to the market and we witness that many of them are trying to copy Apple’s approach with the MacBook laptop line. People can see how other companies are making their laptops to be unique in their own way, but still similar to the MacBook.

Dell had an interesting idea of taking a different approach to the market. In their recent advertising video, this company has tried to raise the level way above a simple MacBook imitation. They tried to show their new Dell XPS15 that can transform into a single laptop that is able to combine Windows 8 and OS X. This video ad has been released in December. We were able to see how this laptop switched between Win 8 Start Screen and numerous applications running in OS X. This was noticed thanks to the wrist flick or several taps on the laptop’s screen.

This might seem like the ultimate laptop has been finally created, but it only represents a huge mistake that a company can do. Dell XPS 15 comes as a Windows 8 laptop that wasn’t designed to run on the operating system created and released by Apple. We all know that Apple’s OS versions are all closed sources and other companies are not allowed to use them. This gave us a thought that Dell’s marketing team got a little bit too excited about the new ad that shows the XPS 15. Dell’s marketing team is really creative, but it seems that this team has gone a little bit too far and above their limits when they’ve tried to create their new video.


We have seen these kinds of mistakes before, but we have never witnessed a one minute video for a product that does not run on OS X. It is too bad that we noticed this too late and we are unable to show you this video because it has been removed from Dell’s channel. However, this is a great opportunity to address other companies to double-check their videos before making them public.

To be honest, the Dell XPS 15 really looks like Apple’s MacBook Pro.

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