Apple’s iPhone 6 likely to ship with a 10 MP camera, F/1.8 aperture and improved filter

David Parker February 6, 2014 0
Apple’s iPhone 6 likely to ship with a 10 MP camera, F/1.8 aperture and improved filter


A report from the Chinese website states that iPhone 6, which will be the successor of iPhone 5s is expected to come along with improved filters and an enhanced camera. With these speculations revolving around the next generation Apple iPhone 6 you can avail the advantages of an improved camera when the device goes on sale this year.

According to the report on Chinese website IT168, sources within the supply chain have stated that the ‘next generation’ iPhone will come along with a 10-megapixel camera. The camera is likely to have an aperture of f/1.8 and an improved filter. The hybrid IR filter used on the iPhone 5s will be replaced with a resin lens which will be lighter and thinner than previously used IR filters.

The new filter will be made from transparent Arton resin that will be manufactured by Japanese resin manufacturer JSR. JSR claims that the Arton resin is used to make filters that are lighter and thinner than IR filters and is already being used on digital and video cameras with CMOS sensors.


The lighter filter will minimize color shift of CMOS sensors and capture better quality images. The reported f/1.8 aperture will boost low-light performance. It would focus sharply on closer objects and blur the background with images with shallow depth of field.

The China Post had earlier stated that Apple will continue to use 8-megapixel sensor in its next iPhone which contradicts the IT168 story. It would be a bad move if Apple stuck to 8-megapixel with the next flagship device when the rivals have moved ahead and adopted better camera technologies. Analysts from Nomura Securities feel that the camera module in the iPhone 6 instead will see improvements in other areas such as optical image stabilization.

According to a recent filing patent filing, it looks likely that the company is also working on a new image stabilization mechanism. All these speculations indicate that with their next flagship iPhone6, Cupertino is working hard to regain lost ground in the camera section.

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