Moto G available in India

Jasmina Lozevska February 6, 2014 0
Moto G available in India

Motorola has made a come-back in India with its great smartphone Moto G. The company has officially announced that the long-awaited, low-end smartphone will be sold in India for a fantastic price. Before the official announcement, some rumors have been indicating Motorola’s return, but we didn’t give a lot of thought to these rumors. This smartphone comes with quality hardware and software features. It’s something that many people in India will find handy. According to the official statement, few weeks from now, Motorola will release several software upgrades. The release of the software upgrades is just another step that Motorola has to take before entering the emerging markets. Moto G is a very handy smartphone that was released in order to hit these markets.

According to many customer reviews and market analysts, Moto G is promising a big success in this area. All of the features included in this smartphone and the beautiful edge-to-edge screen makes it even more attractive to customers. However, the screen has really thin bezels all around. However you will not notice them on first sight. It’s a lovely low-end smartphone and the 4.5 inches screen is very decent. Some analysts said that this phone is Moto X’s little brother. It would definitely find its place in India and other emerging markets which are scheduled to receive it.

India smartphone customers have been desperate to see and use something that will satisfy their needs. Maybe it’s a low-cost smartphone, but its specs and features will offer you everything that you have ever needed. There isn’t any official information about the price and whether it will be available on contract or not, but we hope that we will get this information and update this story.

Moto G

Since the release of this smartphone, many market analysts have said that this smartphone will find its perfect place in markets like India. It offers great options for smartphone users who are looking for a great phone (similar to Google Nexus) for a much lower price. This move by Motorola will definitely increase the tension between other rivals that want to overtake the Indian market. Moto G receives a huge appreciation by me and my team and we appreciate Motorola’s move. This move is also good for the market. The competition will feel tensed and because of that, they might as well try to develop better low-cost smartphones. We are already looking forward to see the sales number after a month.

Does Moto G satisfy your needs as a low-cost smartphone?

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