Tablets become more popular than smartphones

Jasmina Lozevska February 7, 2014 0
Tablets become more popular than smartphones

This is the latest debate in the new mobile industry era. Smartphone lovers would never agree with it, but it seems that the tablet popularity became bigger than the popularity of smartphones. Whether you want this to happen or not, it seems that the smartphone growth is sliding while the demand for tablets is bigger and bigger. According to the latest report given by Samsung, the sales of Samsung’s smartphones were 9% lower than the sales in the same period in 2013. Apple is facing the same problems. Apple revealed the results of the iPhone sales for the last quarter. They revealed that 51 millions devices were sold during the quarter which is less than 55 million expected by this company. Experts and analysts could argue that the smartphone market has going through a saturation period (especially the developing smartphone markets).

On the other hand, tablets have received a large boost over the last three months and many devices were sold exceeding the expectations. Microsoft had earned a huge amount of money with its Surface tablets. This company received revenue of $893 million. The previous result showed $400 million as revenue. According to the last results revealed by eMarketer, smartphones were put at 74% while the tablets stood steady at 52%.


With this said, we could expect more web usage coming from tablets. Android OS is on the move to improve its features. When this OS is brought to perfection, more people would want to buy a cheaper Android tablet and start using it besides their expensive smartphones. What is the problem in the smartphones? Nobody knows, but it could be the size of the display. We already saw some smartphone manufacturers create huge screens. This has only increased the demand for even bigger displays. We can say that they are extremely mobile and you can use them as your portable desktop computer. Someone will say we have laptops for that use, but let’s be honest, your tablet device is much lighter and easier to use than the laptop.

There are other factors that can increase the demand for tablets, but if you ask me, the smartphones will never become less popular than tablets. I’m a big supporter of the theory that people will use tablets more than they use laptops or desktop computers in the future, but the aforementioned doesn’t make sense. However, nothing is certain with the fast development of the mobile industry.

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