Blackberry 10 Won’t Get the Netflix App

Jasmina Lozevska March 9, 2013 0
Blackberry 10 Won’t Get the Netflix App

According to All Things Digital and its sources, the Netflix app, which is currently available on a couple of operating systems and devices, won’t be available on the recently launched Blackberry 10 OS.

Reports close to Netflix say the app is not going to be available for the Blackberry OS any time soon, as the company has no intentions of adding Netflix to Blackberry 10’s app list.

The popular video-streaming app has already reached a huge number of subscribers, so adjusting it to the new OS is clearly unnecessary at the moment. This was confirmed by a spokesman from Netflix, stating that the app won’t be brought to Blackberry 10 in the near future.


This is a bigger issue for Blackberry 10 than it seems, as Netflix is the most significant video-streaming app and it will have a notable impact of the OS’s success on the market and its popularity among users. Netflix is currently the best streaming app for mobile devices and if Blackberry 10 users realize the streaming provider has no plans in bringing the app to the system, things will get much worse for the new Blackberry 10 OS.

The video-streaming provider is not the only one that refused to make an app for this operating system. Reportedly, the widely-popular photo-sharing app Instagram has also no plans of developing their app for recently released Blackberry 10.

I’m afraid Blackberry 10’s chances of standing shoulder to shoulder with Android and iOS are very low without Netflix and Instagram. At the end of the day, users love using apps and everyone wants a device that would offer worldwide-known apps of this caliber. Instagram and Netflix are among top-rated apps for every platform and millions of users use it on daily basis, so Blackberry 10 needs them badly in order to increase popularity and market share.

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