ARM to launch new Cortex processor

Jasmina Lozevska February 12, 2014 0
ARM to launch new Cortex processor

ARM is about to launch a new cortex processor that will make devices even faster. We’ve been really serious when we said the technology industry is going full-speed ahead. It doesn’t let us get used to the devices present on the market. Like the speed that our smartphones or tablets have now isn’t high enough! Manufacturers are already on the verge for making it faster. The new announcement comes from ARM. The company unveiled a statement for releasing a new Cortex A17 processor alongside new Mali T720 graphic processor. This statement says this processor will fit right into their new smartphones and tablets. This processor will be licensed by all ARM partners who are collaborating with this company for making their newest devices.

The new ARM processor will come as an update to the ARM-A9 processor that was a great solution for mid-range smartphones. According to the company, A17 will be 60% faster than its predecessor and also, it will be more efficient. The devices that will have this processor could go up to $200. The first details that came along with this statement are the details about the processor designs of the A17 chip that could go up to 4-of-order ARMv7 based cores and L2 cache. Alongside this, there could be 4 additional Cortex A7 cores that will run with low power. Small configuration has always been a trademark for this company. They always tend to make a combination of high and low-powered processor cores which will handle tasks separately depending on the power demand and workload.


Other additional features that this new processor could have are slight improvements on the memory. The security features will be updated. Analysts have already begun speaking about their expectations, saying that there will be a “digital rights” management and an additional way for secure payment. The gaming and graphics acceleration will also be improved because if they don’t do improve it, this version will have the same quality as the quality of previous processors. The sound and speech processing is expected to be much faster and the hardware virtualization will be the stronger side of this processor.

As an addition to tablets and smartphones, ARM could go big this time. They are expected to incorporate this new A17 processor into small TV sets, cars, set-top boxes and some other embedded devices. Via, Realtek and Mediatek are among the other companies in partnership with this company and they are expected to use A17 in their new devices.

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