Will you choose the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4?

Jasmina Lozevska February 13, 2014 0

The war between Xbox and PlayStation will never end. It continues this year as the newest gaming consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 continue the life-long war between their companies. We can say that both gaming consoles hit the market quite prepared last November (the month they were released), and gamers went crazy over them. The market critics had many things to say about both consoles and the famous thought that caught my eyes was: “They are everything, but not gaming consoles”. Whether you agree with this saying or not, both gaming consoles came in with many features alongside gaming. The gamers have the hardest task because they are those who need to choose one over another. 

What do you prefer, Sony or Microsoft?

The work and dedication both companies put into these devices is really big. We can see two great consoles that will satisfy the needs of any gamer. There are several differences that we can notice in both devices. The main characteristic that will help you choose your next-gen gaming console is whether you like one company more than the other.

We can’t say that the features will not help you pick one over another, but honestly, Microsoft fans will definitely choose Xbox One and Microsoft haters will defiantly go with Sony. However, Xbox One’s main selling point would be the combination of downloadable applications, streaming, live TV, video games and DVD playback packed all in one console. This sounds really impressive, but the reality says otherwise because you need to pay for each streaming and app media. The Kinect which will help you navigate through all of these features is another selling point. Its voice controls and commands will make you feel like you are talking to a real person. The verbal commands didn’t leave a mark like they’re the most practical thing ever, but they are quite good. You are getting the feeling that Xbox One is turned more to the media focus, right? Yes, you are not alone.

Xbox One

On the other hand, Sony PlayStation 4 is more focused towards gaming. It also has all of these media features equipped, but the feeling is that its first focus has always been the gaming side. The navigation and menu screens are definitely faster than the ones on the Xbox One. The response time is fast as a blink of an eye. Setting up your Xbox will take you approximately 10 minutes. The main selling point of the PS4 is normally the gaming focus and speed. It also comes with lots of media features and unlike the Xbox One, PS4’s streaming features are completely free. The only additional thing you need to pay is $50 per year for the PSP (PlayStation Plus) account that you can use to play online. While most of the things are very well hidden in the Xbox One, PS4 gives you a really easy-to-handle interface and all features are located in a vivid place. It’s social friendly and the simple philosophy Sony included here makes me pick the PS4 over Xbox One.

You already know all of the features and capabilities of both devices and I only shared my point of view. In the end, you are the one who will pick the winner.

So, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 – and why?

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