Apple’s second-generation iPad 2 will soon be discontinued

David Parker February 14, 2014 0
Apple’s second-generation iPad 2 will soon be discontinued


After an impressive 3 year production run, Apple’s second-generation iPad 2 is expected to be discontinued in the near future reports Apple Insider.

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans state that the decision to close the production of the tablet came after customers started preferring the company’s newer, more modern, compact and high resolution slates, namely the iPad mini and iPad Air.

iPad 2 now occupies the same price point as Retina iPad mini for $399 and may no longer sound appealing or lucrative to the customers. This is especially so when the latest iPad mini 2 with retina display offers more at the same price tag- one of the reason that made the iPad 2 almost redundant.


iPad 2 has continued to live as a legacy device in Apple’s product lineup inspite of the fifth-generation iPad Air being launched with further hardware revision last fall.

A study published last year states that iPad 2 accounted for some 38 percent of units in the world before iPad Air and Retina iPad mini made an appearance. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has predicted the discontinuation of the tablet last November stating the company was set to ship just 0.3 million iPad 2 units in the current quarter indicating that the shelf life of the device was nearing an end.

iPad 2 was announced back in 2011 to replace the original and was the first to be compatible with Apple’s magnetic Smart Cover, the first to be offered in white and the first to feature a forward facing FaceTime camera. The device went on to be a huge success for the company and was sold with some minor tweaks for 3 years in spite of three new full-size models being launched after it.

We applaud iPad 2 for holding steady in the fast evolving market where the rivals rarely make it past a full year in the market.

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