Who won: iPad mini or Nexus?

Jasmina Lozevska February 14, 2014 0
Who won: iPad mini or Nexus?

It’s always difficult to say which one is more popular when the iPad Mini and Nexus are compared. Everything is a matter of your own opinion and taste. If you ask someone who doesn’t have any clue what are the features of these tablets and which one is more popular, he will definitely say the iPad Mini. I don’t know what it is, but the iPad generations always come to your mind when asked about a tablet. The Android tablet market is getting stronger day by day and we won’t be surprised if these tablets come on top in the near future. However, if you ask me, I will always choose iOS over Android because it’s a closed source and it’s easy to handle.

According to the latest research revealed by The Telegraph, Apple’s iPad Mini came up with the highest score among the other 10 tablets. All of these tablets have been subjected by an insurance firm called SquareTrade Europe. All of the tablets passed through a battery “torture” test which was replicated as a real life situation. This test represented a complete “torture” and the batteries of the tablets have been abused to extreme levels in order to measure their water resistance, grip ability and toughness. These gadgets were awarded with a breakability score after they were dropped from a specific height.

The iPad Mini got the highest score – 7.5. This is the highest score among the rest of the tablets, but if you know Apple very well, you probably know that they won’t be satisfied with this result. The report failed to reveal which iPad Mini model took part in the testing, but later on, we got information that they have been testing the iPad Mini 2. SquareTrade included the other Apple tablet, iPad Air. This tablet got the 6.5 score. Maybe this is the highest score, but the reality in SquareTrade’s report is different. The higher the score is, the more breakable the device. That’s why Apple won’t find these scores satisfying.

iPad Mini

However, keep in mind that SquareTrade is not a crucial guide for users to pick their next device, but you can consider this test as relevant while making your choice.

On the other hand, the Nexus 7 can come as the greatest replacement for the iPad Mini 2. Even though it’s placed right below the iPad Mini on second place, its hardware and software features need to help you make your decision. You already know the specifications of both tablets and you won’t be wrong if you choose either of them. The price is the biggest difference between both devices. The Nexus 7 comes cheaper than the iPad Mini 2, but when it comes to popularity, we must give our credits to the iOS device.

It’s up to you to decide who won.

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