Will Microsoft allow Android apps on the Windows platform?

David Parker February 15, 2014 0
Will Microsoft allow Android apps on the Windows platform?


Deficit of apps in Windows 8 platform is considered as one of the major problem Microsoft is facing. However, Microsoft is eager to overcome this perpetual problem and surprisingly is considering allowing the installation of Android apps on their platform with the hope that it can fulfil users requirement of apps according to a report by The Verge. Although details of the deal are not revealed yet, it is assumed that there is an internal conflict within Microsoft regarding this discussion. Sources with knowledge pertaining to this have revealed that the deal is in the initial stages at the moment.

Popularity of Applications

The company has gradually developed their Windows Phone 8 platform. You can find already find some mainstream apps like Instagram and Flipboard on the Windows platform. However, Windows Phones do not contain many other popular Android and iOS apps and games. This gradually leads them to lose out on a huge client base, as modern users prefer to stick to the platform with the better app choice. In order to sustain the competition and overcome this problem, Microsoft may choose to let Google’s Android apps run on their Windows and Windows Phone platform. In spite of the fact that there is no official statement and confirmation of this fact from Microsoft yet, Nokia’s Android phone ‘Normandy’ has fuelled up this rumor.

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Android Apps

Taking the help of Android apps can solve some of the crucial problems of Microsoft. However, industry experts and insiders believe that such a decision may lead to the demise of the Windows platform as developers may stop making native Windows apps and prefer to port their Android apps. They also opine that currently many developers hesitate to create apps for Windows Phone because of its low market share.

Would it work?

In spite of the fact that Microsoft platform is regarded as the most powerful one that supports easy apps development for conventional computers and mobile devices, there is no doubt that Microsoft has started on a slow pace especially when it comes to apps. Due to the lack of apps, over the years Microsoft is putting its best effort to develop strategies that can attract users to their platform. Analysts in the industry are of the opinion that this recent strategy of Microsoft, if launched, will surely entice new users towards their platform but can devalue their present exclusive app ecosystem.

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