Jolla: the latest smartphone on the market

Jasmina Lozevska February 15, 2014 0
Jolla: the latest smartphone on the market

Jolla has arrived. We already made a story about this smartphone that has been developed by ex-Nokia employees. This smartphone has made its official debut and according to the first reviews, this smartphone is something that many people will find satisfying. Keep in mind that it’s the phone’s debut on the smartphone market and you must lower your expectations. The best thing about this smartphone is that it runs on Jolla’s own developed OS called Sailfish.

The design of this smartphone is already seen because it’s similar to other smartphones’ design. Of course, Jolla’s design has its own design that makes it different than the others. It comes with a black and white case and has few similarities with some of the Sony Xperia smartphones. The weight of this device is 141 grams and it’s a little bit rounded at the bottom and at the top. It features a removable battery and by unclipping the rear cover, you will see the micro SIM and MicroSD card slot for extendable memory.

Under the hood, this smartphone comes with a dual-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz. Its processor chip has been made by Qualcomm. Alongside this great processor, the smartphone has 1GB of RAM. This is the perfect mid-range smartphone that will attack the mid-range markets. Don’t be fooled by the dual-core processors. These Qualcomm- made processor chips can deliver the same performance as the quad-core processors if they have the proper software optimization. You won’t have any difficulty while opening and closing the applications. The navigation of these applications will be as smooth as silk.

The camera application didn’t leave much room to be explored. It’s little bit sluggish with a slight noticeable lag. This smartphone won’t give you a good performance if you want to play games on it, but we can say that it gave respectful results. The smartphone comes with 16GB of internal storage, but the MicroSD slot will give you the opportunity to extend the storage. We already said that it has a removable battery with 7.89Wh. The battery doesn’t lose its percentage while it’s put on stand-by overnight and lasts for a couple of days.


The other specifications are really basic, but enough to test the market. It comes equipped with a 4.5-inch IPS display that has mid-range qHD resolution. Right out of the box you will get the usual A-GPS, Bluetooth, WI-Fi and 4G support. It also comes with NFC support which was included only because of the interchangeable covers.

Keep in mind that this smartphone is in its developing stage and for a first generation device, it’s pretty good.

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