More than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold – Microsoft

David Parker February 16, 2014 2
More than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold – Microsoft


Tami Reller, Executive Vice President of Marketing of Microsoft has recently declared that their company has sold over 200 million Windows 8 licenses in the last 15 months. Previously, in May 2013, the company had declared that they have sold almost 100 million copies of their latest operating system.

In a detailed statement given to ZDNet, a Microsoft spokesperson has provided further detailed information. He explains that this figure does not include their volume license sales to enterprise markets. However, the figure includes upgrades to Windows 8 as well as the new Windows licenses that ship with new personal computers, notebooks and tablets.

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News for sales
Microsoft has been shy in talking much about Windows 8 sales in last few months. The last time we heard about sales figures was during the May of 2013, when Microsoft officials had confirmed that Windows 8 sales had surpassed 100 million. It is really a positive sign that within only 282 days, Microsoft has sold another 100 million licenses of Windows 8. If you do the math, you can find that they have approximately sold 350,000 licenses per day.

However, if you think that 200 million in sales is a great achievement for Windows 8 and Microsoft in general, you would be surprised to note over here that the pace of sales for Windows 8 is far lower compared to the previous version of the Operating System. The reasons for the slow uptake are several: radical redesign of Windows UI through the ‘Modern’ touch-friendly interface and the market slowly moving on to other devices such as tablets and smartphones, where iOS and Android are the dominant players.

Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 Update 1 is about to be launched soon. However, previous leaks about the operating system update have revealed the fact that Microsoft will emphasize on improving the experience for traditional keyboard and mouse users. It is evident that, with the passage of time, users are shifting towards tablets and smartphones rather that conventional laptops and desktops. Time will also reveal the fact whether these new improvements will convince and influence more people towards Windows 8.1.

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  1. Lawrence  February 17, 2014 at 12:12 am - Reply

    They make it sound like the customer’s that bought computers with windows 8 on them had a choice. Most don’t. They just need a computer and are stuck with windows 8. What Microsoft is actually celebrating is shoving windows 8 down that many customer’s throats!

  2. gopal gurung  May 13, 2017 at 12:33 pm - Reply

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