Dean Hall might release new “zombie” game on Xbox and PS4

Jasmina Lozevska February 16, 2014 0
Dean Hall might release new “zombie” game on Xbox and PS4

PS4 and Xbox might welcome the new Zombie game by Dean Hall in the near future. According to the creator, he is considering to release this game on every “feasible” gaming console. He has even shared some thoughts with Microsoft about the possible release date of this game. Dean Hall is not ready to commit to this game just yet, but is open to this idea about releasing Open World Zombie game “DayZ”. According to the first speculations, this game will be available only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but we can easily get this game on some other game platforms.

The developing team behind Dean Hall will definitely release this game with a realistic model and it will cover both next-gen consoles if they provide a developing setting on the inside. Hall revealed that he spoke to Microsoft about bringing DayZ to their newest Xbox One, but he can’t say the same thing about Sony. We could easily get this game only on Xbox One until he reviews the possible collaboration with PS4. Hall said that he didn’t have the opportunity to review the PS4 details and decide whether they will collaborate or not.

When Hall was asked about how this new Zombie game will work on these next-gen game consoles, he answered that they have a lot of ground to pick up and prove they are worth it. These platforms also need to prove that they are above the PC experience and there is definitely a potential for that matter. For all those people who want to see DayZ on game consoles, it’s too early to say whether this could happen or not.

Dean Hall

These new game consoles are really exciting. Dean Hall is hoping that these games can deliver something that everyone is expecting. A very important part to this is supporting and encouraging the third-party to be creative enough in the development. This is a crucial part of the whole deal because they need to find the right edge of the PC development right into their consoles. Hall ended saying that Kinect will have the main role because it can do some extraordinary things. However, he didn’t want to increase the expectations of gamers, saying that it is too early to say anything officially.

DayZ has been launched on Steam EA at the end of last year for $30. More than 1 million copies were sold.


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