Apple iRadio Could Come Out as Early as Summer

Jasmina Lozevska March 10, 2013 0
Apple iRadio Could Come Out as Early as Summer

You know how it is when it comes to Apple, before their competitors even think about something they are always one step ahead of them and they want to be first and the best in releasing a new feature. Since the launching of iTunes, profits for Apple and the music business are rising year by year.

According to this and many rumors surrounding the Cupertino company, Apple could take the music business one step higher with launching iRadio this summer along with the launching of iOS 7. So what does Apple iRadio means anyway? – Apple internet radio service which will be playing only certain music labels who will be willing to negotiate. Everyone is expecting that it will be integrated with iTunes and will have similarities to Pandora music box.

I asked myself why taking this step, isn’t iTunes producing enough?

Not at all, iTunes has reached a record profit last year, so it’s producing pretty good. iRadio will be product as a result of the consumer’s behavior, shifting towards accessing special music catalog or specific songs. And it’s said that Apple are already in contact with some music labels to gain some access in their music catalogs. So what do we have here? – First hint about the apple’s new big innovation?


This wasn’t enough assuring for me, so I have learned about a meeting between Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Beats CEO Jimmy Lovine. The topic of this conference, as reported, was music streaming service. The meeting took place in Los Angeles and interestingly, Eddy Cue (a key member of setting up iTunes music store) joined the meeting behind closed doors. “The meeting was informational about the music industry” they said, but in the past we know how secret new innovations are from Apple, so they can’t hide this for very long.

If you look at the past of Lovine, he has a good history working with Apple and in one short interview he said that he collaborated with Steve Jobs ten years ago about music subscription. As a matter of fact he was one of the first music executives that took partnership with iTunes store in 2001.

With this meetings and rumors floating around, I think that Apple will reach their first contracts near August with the rumored date of launching iOS 7. And this new iRadio will revive the Music industry, just like Apple did with iTunes.

So, from all this above, what are your thoughts about iRadio? – Will it be launching this summer or Apple has something else in mind?

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