Apple’s Siri Patent Suit Against Samsung Going on Trial Next Year

Jasmina Lozevska March 10, 2013 0
Apple’s Siri Patent Suit Against Samsung Going on Trial Next Year

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about new Apple vs. Samsung suit, it’s: Oh my God, not again? There is no doubt that the two companies are competitors and they want everything to be perfect in their market share, but I think that they must use their capabilities with producing new innovations, surprise us with new technology, convince us to buy their products, not drain their energy into filing lawsuits and battle in courts.

At the moment, there are two lawsuits against Samsung in the U.S District court. Apple won the first lawsuit with $1.05 billion but Judge Lucy Koh managed to pull $450 million of that verdict. This same person rejected Apple’s request for banning Samsung’s sales. And unfortunately for Apple this same Judge is assigned to rule the new Siri patent suit. If I was Apple’s attorney I will do anything in my power to succeed in this last trial, to prove that I was right all along.


This case was not affected by the first one whatsoever and Koh officially gave green light for this process to continue. The patent claim contains the rights for searching technology that is part of the virtual personal assistant called ‘Siri’. This lawsuit was not discussed, not even mentioned in that last lawsuit. Last Thursday, Apple filled an objection motion that would have suspended the Siri trial until the first one was over.

After the Friday verdict, reached by Koh, she said that the second lawsuit can now continue and ordered to Apple and Samsung to streamline their cases. And yes, this is not happening, not in million years. Both companies will not cut any legal terms to please the Judge, on the contrary they will make the cases as big as possible to make the jury work hard before reaching any verdict. I can assure you of that.

So the Saga continues. The First hearing is scheduled to take place in March 2014. To be honest, regarding all the other previous happenings with the two companies, I know this isn’t the only law suit for 2014.

I guess we can also look at the bright side of this, which is – we won’t be seeing any other Apple vs. Samsung disputes until next year.

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