Microsoft Surface Pro Review

Jasmina Lozevska March 11, 2013 0

This new tablet from Microsoft was announced on July 18th last year and officially debuted on February 9th 2013. This good-looking big thing made some quite good impressions. Here’s what we have on the Microsoft Surface Pro.


This good looking tablet with titanium colored VaporMG casing. It has thick design which makes him easier to handle.  Integrated fans and cooling vents placed, as you can notice, in the angled corners prevents the potential blocking some sections of the ventilation system.


On the other hand, when you see the rear kickstand, on the left side there is a sculpted grab point, proper made for your hand. This point makes the picking of the tablet easier, although you can grab the tablet from the bottom edge too. You will be amazed by the strict position in the landscape orientation. You can’t adjust the kickstand and it’s made to work best when the surface is placed on a working desk rather then placed on a low table or your lap. It weighs 907 grams and has the following dimensions: 10.81” height, 6.81” width and 0.53” thickness.


The Surface Pro is equipped with 10.6-inch display with wide viewing angles enabled with the 1080px Touch Screen. Colors are natural and thanks to the bounded glass that reduces reflection you can really enjoy in them. With almost 400 units of brightness, this thing is pretty bright and it will not be affected from outdoor use.

If you were wondering about the resolution, with the perfect 1920 x 1020 resolution on that display, we have 208 ppi and that means only one thing: sharp text and great 1080p videos.

The display is dressed in Gorilla Glass 2 and has a digital pen. The pen is in quite good size, includes eraser and a side button. The button is magnetic and it can easily clip into its magnetic port on the side of the tablet. That doesn’t mean that the pen needs any charging, this is only a way of securing the pen to the tablet.



It has 4 GB of DD3 dual channel not upgradable RAM. The SSD slot is made by Micron and its using mSATA interface. The processor is something they should be proud of. Although some of the critics say that Microsoft should’ve used i7, but i5 it’s really enough for a tablet of this kind.

  • Processor – Intel-Core i5 Dual Core, 1700 MHz
  • Graphics Processor – Intel HD 4000 Graphics
  • System Memory – 4 GB RAM
  • Built-in Storage – 64 GB
  • Storage expansion – microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC

Battery Life

The controversial and the most hated thing about this tablet. It has built in 42 watt battery. This power hungry tablet (Lap Top – want to be) averaged 5 hours of using mixed productivity tasks, brightness set to 50% and Wi-Fi turned on. Standby time is better than average and the tablet falls in deep sleep state to retrieve power. The tablet includes 48 watt compact charger with USB port for charging it.


Other Specs

As expected, this Microsoft surface will run Windows 10 OS.

  • Camera

–       1MP

–       Camcorder features – 1280×720 – 720p HD

–       Front Facing camera – Yes

  • Internet and Connectivity

–       Browser –Explorer 10

–       Bluetooth – 4.0

–       Wi-Fi – 802.11

–       USB – USB 3.0

–       Other – TV Out, OTA sync

  • Price

–       $899 for 64 GB

–       $999 for 128 GB

The conclusion for this Surface Pro with laptop abilities lists our pros and cons.

Pros: Excellent Built Quality, Extremely bright display, really fast, Runs Windows 8, Elegant Design

Cons: One USB port, Overpriced, Heavy for a tablet, gets warm fast, Disappointing Battery Life, No Mobile Broadband option

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