Google Introduces a Talking Shoe Concept

Jasmina Lozevska March 12, 2013 0

“Innovation without limit”. That must be the new parole message coming out of Google. After the Google Glass project, and the remarkable self-driving car, they plan to release something that on first sight seems like a ridiculous concept. But when you see it again, you will realize that this can be a really motivational Google shoe project. It is said that prototype will be shown this upcoming week at the conference in Austin.

With Google’s wish to dress you like a computer, the people who will be responsible for making these shoes are “Arts team” and this new thing will take place as part of an art project called Art, Copy and Code. It will be like talking with a friend who motivates you or asking you to start walking or running if you are standing still too long. The nice thing about that is that the shoe itself gives you positive or negative feedback about the new movements. This must be a part when Google starts making technology more wearable and more connected to people.


Think about it like this, if you want to go running or just walking and you don’t want to be disturbed, you can leave your phone at home and use the shoes as a personal trainer who tells you if you are taking break too long or you are running to slow. Just imagine if this shoe is sponsored by some health-related company, they can put the right support for you to prevent you from getting injuries or any kind of health problems.

But some rumors say that Google is not planning to actually release this new product, but the prototype is just made to inspire the other companies who are in the shoe business to make something like this, running Google’s OS.

The funny part is, Google is known to be a search engine that provides us with any kind of useful information. But slowly it’s developing itself in a company which focus is innovation in any kind of technology. If this product goes out, the simple physical connection with our clothes and shoes can be of a historical importance. There is a whole new era coming out with emotional connection. So, as this talking shoe still remains to be just a concept, don’t go to the nearest Google Store and ask for these, stay tuned and you will be the first one to know if this project is coming out.

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