Mass Effect 3 Review

Jasmina Lozevska March 12, 2013 0

The last part of this remarkable futuristic trilogy called Mass Effect 3 has improved fighting options and updated four player co-op mode. It will stun the gamers who love this kind of games. The publishers – Electronic Arts made this game available for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Bioware developers really did a great job with bringing the best of the future in front of you. The genre of the game is science fiction, action and adventure.

Mass Effect 3 has plenty to offer. Starting from the harder experience and then, the Mass effect 2 you will be sweating from shooting at the enemies. It begins with the arrival of the Reapers who came on the Earth with one simple task: To destroy humanity and take over the world. Since then, earth is starts losing millions of people, losing the organic life and innocent people start suffering. Your task is to get yourself together and fight back. What’s the trick of winning? – The Shepard and his allies are not strong enough to face the Reapers, but if you have played the previous ones you will have a lot of experience and with that you will manage to save the planet.


The Shepard, as the main character, has bigger problems to deal with. With Earth, approaching to the end, he is forced to help wounded individual and militaries for forming the War Assets on the proper higher level for confronting with the enemy.

The playing action is really amazing with all of those graphics details that simply make the environment communicate with you. You will feel like the texture is talking to you through the gameplay. With the open combat battles encouraging you to stay on track and not letting you move your eyes away from the monitor, you will forget about the real world around you. The new enemies included in this last Mass Effect part are really aggressive and that makes the last combats tough to deal with. Talking about the Combat, you can notice minor changes playing with the Shepard. Rolling around the battlefield, jumping when pushed or prompted, something that wasn’t been included in Mass effect 2, it will give you a different feeling of enjoying the game. You can see the variety of the maps and places that will help you into making your strategy for winning the battles.


The design of the production is great, including the tremendous work with the HD graphics and lightening. With the voice work, you will feel like you are doing it for real. You can hear the background talk of the people as you walk/run beside them.

Beside that, Mass Effect 3 is more of a single player game, but the Multiplayer mode provides a lot of fun, as well. It includes six stages and three enemy groups. You can upgrade your character with levels, purchase upgrades and you can play with three friends. Maybe the co-op mode was unnecessary, but it doesn’t give negative perspective on the game, as a matter of fact it gives quality time spent with your friends.

Here are our pros and cons on the game.

Pros: Fun Combat, Good Environment, perfect Graphic design, New Characters, Aggressive enemies, Good level designs,

Cons: Weak Story, Bad cut scenes, it’s the last part of the Legacy

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