Image Leakage Shows a Handset That Could be the Galaxy S4

Jasmina Lozevska March 13, 2013 0
Image Leakage Shows a Handset That Could be the Galaxy S4

Ahead of the long-awaited unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 device produced by world’s top smartphone manufacturer Samsung, we may have some leaked pictures which showing a handset that could be the Galaxy S4 itself. These pictures recently circled around the globe and made us even more impatient.

As you already know, Galaxy S4 will debut on Thursday with announced grand opening event in New York and Samsung kept the smartphone in deep secrecy. Well, maybe not that deep, because the picture above shows smaller device then recent Galaxy Note II and it is slightly different than his predecessor, so it must be the Galaxy S4 handset. That picture was posted by a Chinese forum called 52 Samsung.


Let’s analyze the design. Although on first sight it looks very similar to the Galaxy S3, if you look closer at it, in the front you will notice that tiny frames from the sides of the display, they are thinner and with smaller space between the edges and the display.

The rear area is different. You can notice that the speaker is positioned in the left bottom corner and doesn’t have slot for a stylus. Instead of the previous position beside the camera lens, the LED flash is based right beneath it.

If you ask yourself: What about the internal features, we can see the pictures show an interesting design. From the test displayed on the picture below, the device will include 1080 pixels display, quad-core processor ARMv7, 2GB RAM and camera with 13 megapixels. From the image you can clearly see that it will offer dual-SIM and with that feature you will be able to use two different SIM cards in same time. It runs Jelly bean 4.2.1 Android OS and has 1,800 Mah battery.


It is really interesting, the first leaked information was that this new Galaxy S4 will include eight-core processor, but on these images we are seeing only quad-core processor. Some reports say that, this new smartphone will come in two versions. One for Europe (the one with the eight-core processor) and one intended for US (the one with the quad-core processor as seen on the pictures).

These images doesn’t look like they are fake, but we will know for sure on Thursday if this information is just another false rumor or it was true.

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