Apple With Two New ads Showing New iPhone 5 Features

Jasmina Lozevska March 13, 2013 0
Apple With Two New ads Showing New iPhone 5 Features

Apple continues with the ad campaign right there where they left. Their two new ads are showing the new iPhone 5 features on the same way they did with the new features on the new iPad 4th generation. The new ads are called Brilliant and Discover.

Both of them are designed to bring back the iPhone 5 into people’s minds. The ad called Brilliant has focused the 30 seconds on the words “Sweet”, “Rise” and “Brilliant”. It’s introducing the fabulous applications used for creating sweet deserts, using your iPhone like a remote control for moving additional mobile objects and showing the brilliance of the smartphone.


The second one, so called Discover, is focused on the name of the ad itself. It shows applications, which allow you to discover many new and great things, whether they’re for learning how to play a guitar or searching some informational data from the world. You can notice well-known applications like Shazam, Cards, Passbook and other. Same as the first ad, among others, it is focused on three words “Rock”, “Sharp” and “Discover”.

Apple built a reputation as a very consistent company and with strict advertising. As you can see from these two ads they are based on simplicity, removing everything else from the background and bringing the content in first plan. They usually make their ads on white background, not letting anything to disturb and take your focus away from the product. And to be honest they are right, it’s the product which needs advertising not anything else. As we said earlier, both ads last approximately 30 seconds. And you can see them below.

This is the way of showing that nothing it’s more important than the product itself. There was some bad criticism about the latest iPad commercials of this kind but that didn’t stop the advertisers working at Apple to bring the very same format here. In my opinion, Apple should continue to do it the traditional way, the way they are known for. It worked for them until now, so why make the change?

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