What is Retina Display and Why is it on my iPad Mini?

Alex Bezeau February 5, 2013 0


The scaled down iPad known as the iPad Mini has all the same tricks as it’s big brother. It really is a nice set up for the package, but do all the features transfer over nicely and really enhance the Mini more than the original? The much touted Retina Display that has graced the iPad now finds another home on the Mini. Sure it works, but does it contribute to the overall package?


First you have to know what they are giving you when the term “Retina Display” is thrown around. Basically the term is a reference to the resolution of the screen, nothing more. Pretty lackluster if you were expecting some crazy system that scan your eyes and tailors the screen to fit the optimal frequency of light that most pleases our retinas. Alas, that kind of sci fi shenanigans has not come to pass, however that doesn’t mean that the retina display is a bad thing.



The retina display uses a higher pixel count than similar devices to make everything more defined at close range viewing. The Retina Display will not tip off immediate differences between the resolutions of, say, an iPad Mini and a Samsung Galaxy Note.  Upon closer inspection, the iPad Mini will have a much clearer picture and a lot less pixelation and grainy effects on the picture than it’s competitor. The Retina Display does a bit to help separate the iPad products from the competition and Apple knows it. That is why the term “Retina Display” was created in the first place, to be an easy company reference for the good resolution of the products.


In short, the Retina Display definitely helps the iPad Mini. While it doesn’t do enough to warrant a purchase by itself, it helps add value to the package by knowing that the pictures will be crisp and smooth. In short, the extra resolution does a lot to increase the quality of the picture, and if there is one thing that makes my eyes bleed it’s bad picture.

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