Dell XPS One 27 Review

Jasmina Lozevska March 13, 2013 0

Dell is a well-known company that produces really good personal computers. On first sight this may not be so convincing, but Dell XPS One 27 really has to show something that other PCs can only imagine having.


The front of the PC looks very similar to the simple Dell computer and it’s a little bit boring. It has very bright display surrounded by perfect black frame. But the rear is doing the trick of breaking the monotony. People compare it with Apple’s iMac but I think, beside these resemblances, it really has its own unique design. The negative thing is that the rear is made from plastic and makes this expensive computer feel like a cheap model. Adjusting it can make the plastic thing to bend, but it won’t cause any damage.


It weighs 35.16 pounds and it is pretty light for a device that classifies itself as a PC. On the back side you can see the well placed ports. There are four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI in/out and Ethernet port. The disk drive is perfectly placed on the right side of the machine. What you can’t see on first sight is that on the front, there are four buttons and they will only show up if you touch or tap on them. The first two regulates the brightness, third one controls the input of your display and the last one ejects the CD from the disk drive.


This Dell XPS One 27 is equipped with 27-inch display with 2560×1440 pixel resolution. And the beauty of it is that this display is ready for you with ten finger touch functionality on clearly expressed stand. With the clear and excellent color density this display is one of the best on the market. This stand-alone monitor is well equipped to outperform the competition without a question.


The most interesting part of any kind of technology is the hardware. Without any consideration with these parts Dell XPS one works like well-oiled machine and some of the comments say this computer is a beast without limits. It is equipped with Intel core i5/i7 3.1 MHz quad-core processor. Has 8 or 16GB DDR3 RAM with boring optional graphic card Intel HD graphics, but the discrete graphic card is quite impressive  – 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 640M.



With the graphic card and the processor combined you get a powerful machine which can exceed your expectations. It can handle hard gaming duties showing 38 frames per second. This score is a result from testing this machine on Alien vs. Predator game. So that’s an impressive result. It is most compatible with Windows 8 because that operating system was made for touch-screen system so this is not a surprise. It starts up really quickly for only 20.6 seconds and it easy to swipe and tap around the screen. You will be amazed by the quick response.

The screen suffers from some small glare, but has perfect viewing angles. So it’s perfect when you want to watch movies with family or friends.


Other Specifications

  1. 1.    Optical Drive

–       Optical Drive type – slot loading

–       Media Supported – DVD and R/RW

  1. 2.    Audio

–       Brand – Infinity premium Max audio 4

  1. 3.    Camera

–       Video Resolution – 1080 pixels

  1. 4.    Connectivity

–       Wi-Fi Support – 802.11n, g, b, a

–       Bluetooth – Optional; version 4.0

  1. 5.    Power

–       PSU wattage – 235W

  1. 6.    Storage

–       Base capacity – 1 TB

–       Max configuration Hard Disk Drive – 2 TB

–       Max configuration Solid State Drive – 32 GB

–       Card reader – Yes

–       Memory Card support – SD, xD, MMC, Memory stick

To sum up, here are our pros and cons.

Pros: Big bright screen, great resolution, great hardware components, great media components, remarkable design, respectable performance.

Cons: Plastic surface, overpriced.

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