Dell XPS 18 to Be Released April 16

Jasmina Lozevska March 14, 2013 0

Good reputed company Dell has announced that they are ready for the official release of the newest all in one computer Dell XPS 18. Thinnest, lightest and the most equipped computer on the planet are the first characteristic that describe this new model from Dell. The company is planning to debut with this computer on April 16 with a price of $899.99. U.S and only selected Europe countries will have the first touch at that date.

This great machine will feature 18.4-inch display with touchscreen function and Full HD resolution. It is completely portable and light which enables you to carry the device into each room or you can carry it with you in your office at work. It only weights 4.87 pounds. The touchscreen function makes it perfectly suitable for the Windows 8 and completely capable of everything that this Windows has to offer.

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For the starting price of this computer, Dell offers you Intel Pentium 2117U dual core processor configurable up to i7 ULV processor. This is not the only thing that is upgradable. It comes with 4GB RAM and 320 GB hard disc drive but Dell says that you can modify it and get your version with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD. The chassis will have aluminum back with comfortable soft grip material. Measurements of this portable XPS 18 are 18.3 inches height 11.2 inches width, 0.7 inches thick, two USB 3.0 ports, audio jack and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

A lot of companies tried to combine the portable use of the tablets with the experience of a laptop computer. So, Dell is not the first company that tried to do this, as well. Lenovo and Sony both released their versions of this kind of tablet/portable computer and the devices did not meet the expectations. But Dell believes that they have what it takes to make this product acceptable and really close to the users.

This official statement that they will release the XPS 18 on April 16 was reported today at SXSW. The conference went well and we are officially waiting for the date to come so we can test it and see the performances and the rest of the specifications so we can make the official review. Until then – stay tuned.

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