Samsung Galaxy S4 Revealed a Day Before Its Official Launch

Sara Cunningham March 15, 2013 0

Since the release of Samsung Galaxy S3, many have started speculating what’s next for Samsung? The Galaxy S3 has great specifications that made the expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S4 higher than ever. The new handset is set to be released on Thursday in New York. But, many were shocked when a Chinese forum released photos of what appeared to be the Galaxy S4. The photos circulated around the globe gaining different reactions from all over the world; however, these photos aren’t confirmed to be legit yet.

The alleged photos of the Samsung Galaxy S4 were released by Chinese Forum 52 and were then later republished by The Verge. It showed photos of an unnamed mobile phone which was then connected to Samsung’s soon to be released handset. It is coded with “Universal 5410” which was suspected to act as a dummy for the Exynos Octa 5410. It is the 8-core processor that will power the Galaxy S4. The new handset is rumored to have a 1.8 GHz processor with 2 GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Revealed a Day Before Its Official Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also rumored to possess the graphics processor, Power VR SGX 544MP. Its screen will definitely shine bright since it will have a 1920×1080 ppi display. The alleged dummy of the handset doesn’t have much difference in its appearance with Samsung Galaxy S3. It was also reported that the handset will feature the Eye Tracking System application software. This was rumored when Samsung filed for a trademark in Europe and U.S.A which was named “Eye Scroll” in February.

From the name of the application itself, it is an application software that will keep track of the eye movements of the user to perform its scrolling tasks. It will allow the user to scroll through any pages of a website without any hassle. All they have to do is focus their eyes on the display and the sensing features of the handset will do the job for them. The former Galaxy S3 also had a quite similar feature which was called the Smart Stay. The feature will be able to make the phone detect if the user is looking at the screen display.

However, The Verge warned the analysts and supporters of the brand that the previous generation of this phone series, the Galaxy S3 also had a number of leaked photos using a dummy case. It was later realized that the dummy case just covered the real appearance of the handset. This could be true for the Samsung Galaxy S4 for now but, we will never know until its launch.

Samsung also mentioned that there is a high demand by the mobile networks in the U.S. to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 in New York. It was a confirmation made by JK Shin of Samsung Electronics to Korea’s eDaily News. The Samsung Galaxy handsets have been making successful launching since its first. Samsung Galaxy S was released in a mobile trade in U.S. last 2010, the Galaxy SII in Spain last 2011 and the latest for Galaxy SII in London last year. The launch is expected to be big and gain positive feedbacks from the market.

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