The Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Z10

Sara Cunningham March 15, 2013 0

Late last year, many have speculated the coming of a new smartphone from Blackberry that is said to be the savior of the company to get back on its track in the market. Indeed, January of this year, the Blackberry Z10 was released. The handset carries the Blackberry 10 operating system, an operating system by the company itself. Meanwhile, almost everyone has been anticipating for the launch of its newest generation. It is said that within this week, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will reveal its self to the world at Timesquare, New York and the long wait will soon be over.

The Blackberry Z10 is very sleek and only weighs 137.5 grams and has 5.12X2.58X0.35 inches in its dimensions while many are expecting the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be very much lighter than the last version that was released. Both of these mobile phones support 2G, 3G and 4G networks and are both LTE capable. The Blackberry has a very vibrant display with 16M colors and is capacitive touchscreen, while the new Samsung handset is expected to feature a Super AMOLED with capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors too. However, the Samsung is expected to be slightly bigger than its previous generations since it is rumored to have 4.9 – 5 inch display with 1080X1920 pixels.

When it comes to its memory capacity, the Blackberry Z10 has a MicroSD card slot and is expandable for up to 64GB while the same goes for Samsung Galaxy S4. The Blackberry smartphone is available with a built in storage of 16GB with 2GB of RAM while the Samsung handset is available in different values of internal storage, from 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB with still 2GB of RAM. Both of these handsets are wireless capable and Bluetooth Connection which is never missing in any handset of this generation. Blackberry has Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery that can last up to 312 hours for its standby time and will last up to 10 hours for its talk time. The Samsung carries a Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery but its standby and talk time details are not disclosed yet to the public.

The Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 has a brilliant rear camera with 8MP with 3264X2448 pixels with autofocus and LED flash features. It also has a 2MP front camera while the Samsung Galaxy S4 is said to have a 13MP camera with 4128X3096 pixels with same autofocus and LED flash features with the Z10. They have a few similarities in the features of its camera, they feature geo-tagging, image stabilization, face and smile detection, continuous auto-focus and touch focus. It seems like these two handsets also have differences in its processors since Blackberry Z10 is powered by Qualcomm MSM 8960 Snapdragon with a dual-core with 1.5GHz Krait processor while Samsung Galaxy S4 will be powered by two processors which are quad-ore 1.8GHZ Cortex A15 and quad-core 1.2GHZ Cortex A7 with the participation of the Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset.

The Samsung handset though not yet released is expected to perform better than the other phone though it will be available at the price of almost $700, $629.99 to be exact. The Blackberry handset was released last January of this year with a price tag of $599, these prices are for its retail but its prices will depend on the country and the mobile network. The sizes of these two handsets are fair enough, sporting a screen display good enough for portable use. Its camera features are one of the best in the market so far, knowing that the Samsung handset has a 13MP camera while the other phone has 8MP, the users will never have trouble with its camera features in this case. The two are also powered by two different powerful processors that will never cause any delay in any task the phones have to do.

However, the Blackberry Z10 is too expensive for its price at $599 which is not a good move for a struggling company in introducing a new smartphone. The Blackberry handset is only available in one internal storage capacity though its external memory is expandable; it is still enough of what its users are getting from the price. At the same time, the battery is depressing since it can’t last long in a busy world where everyone would spend most of their days on the phone. Samsung does not have any confirmation yet about its battery life and is expected to have a longer battery life than the other phone. The handset has a 5 inch screen display which means the user would need a bigger pocket to slip it in but, is very elegant and classy with its simple sleek black look. It is not going to be tempting for teenagers to purchase this phone but it can always convince the more mature group of persons.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to capture the interest of the youngsters since its system is Android that is very accessible to Google applications. This will also gain the support of the corporate world since it also has features that can perform different administrative tasks. Since the handset is rumored to feature the Eyes Scroll software, technical savvy and phone collectors will surely be in the first line to grab one of these handsets. Most of the computer geeks and companies will purchase this phone to provide to their employees since it will be distributed by hundreds of mobile carriers around the world.

Blackberry 10 has already gone a long way since it was released; it gained back the trust and the interest of its customers. The unit has released thousands of units and is expected to hit more sales within this year. But, with Samsung Galaxy S4’s release, this might be another challenge for Blackberry to become one of the top picks again of the consumers. It has long been reported that Samsung went a big leap over the sales of Apple iPhones and is now considered as the world’s leading mobile device brand and continues to dominate in the market.

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