IPhone 6: How Will it Measure up to the New Samsung Galaxy S4

Jasmina Lozevska March 15, 2013 0

With the new Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal knocking on the door, Apple really needs to keep up with them with production of a smartphone as good as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 that will compete with the Galaxy S4 on the market. With that being said, lots of rumors are floating about the appearance and the specs about these two smartphone giants. Let’s put them in a head to head battle and see how the next iPhone 6 will measure up to the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Design and Display

The design of the both of the smartphone devices will stay the same as their predecessors. They will not take any risk moving to something different from the last tested method and accepted design. There will be slight changes to the Galaxy though, especially with that rumor that they will perhaps exclude the Home button and that area will be fulfilled with display. The iPhone’s home button maybe will include fingerprints reader placed right beneath it. We can be sure that this iPhone will have a very similar design from the latest iPhone 5 because they did the same thing with the iPhone 4 and 4S.


The Galaxy S4 is expected to have 5-inch 1080-pixel display because it has been well-accepted by users. The next iPhone will not take this step because we are talking about Apple and in the past they were against the large screen smartphone. They made it iPhone 5 slightly bigger, but thinner and you can still use it with just one hand. Making a larger screen will reduce that possibility. It will include Retina display functionality and that is one big plus for the iPhone fans.


This must be the most interesting part for many of us. And to be honest a lot of experts mostly retained to this part. For the Galaxy S4 first of all was rumored that it will have extremely fast eight-core processor, but later leaked photos were shown and we can clearly see that it will contain the 1.6 quad core ARMv7 processor with 2 GB of RAM. It will also have dual SIM functionality which enables you to use the both SIM cards in the same time, 13 megapixel camera and on the air Wi-Fi charging system.


As for the iPhone 6, it will include the new A7X quad core processor chip along with 2 GB of RAM, so maybe here we will have slight difference but I think no one will notice it. The camera will be better according to Apple’s tradition for every next model to include better camera. Rumors floated that the rear camera will be as high as 12 pixels. So Samsung will have the slight advantage. The Wi-Fi charging feature it’s more rumored that will be included on the new iPhone than on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but we think that this step will be not included in either of them.

The built in storage will remain the same. Galaxy S4 will include 32 GB HDD with additional new possibility for SD card storage up to 64 GB. Apple on the next iPhone maybe will bring the new storage capacity, previously included in the iPad 4, 128 GB along with the traditional 16, 32 and 64 GB built in storage.



Knowing the history of prices set on these two competitors, the new Galaxy will be definitely cheaper and more affordable than the new iPhone.


As we approach the grand opening for the unveiling of Galaxy S4 the expectations are really high. The new iPhone 6 is expected to debut in June and with the previous high sales of the iPhone 5 and reaching higher lever on the market, maybe this new iPhone will be the next big thing that Apple is talking about this year. There is no question about the success that the new S4 will reach in just one week or month, but we still need to wait about the official review of the iPhone 6 so we can make the real comparison.

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