Facebook Makes Move to Include Hashtags: Gets with the Program

Jasmina Lozevska March 17, 2013 0

Imagine your Facebook home page full with user status updates all with millions of hashtags. Yes, we are talking about the same hashtag  that is used on Twitter. Well, if you ever thought of it could become a part of Facebook, as well, it seems that it is becoming a reality now. I guess Zuckerberg wants to take everything that Twitter owns after they bought Instagram rights and forbid them to use it on their platform.

According to some reports from people close to Facebook, they are looking to provide the users for adding hashtags to their posts. That woke up some users who commented that this social network shouldn’t become some sort of sibling to Twitter.


If you haven’t met the word hashtag until today, they involve the “#” sign who is placed before writing a word. They are enabling users to categorize their different tweets into different groups and to read and search for other tweets on the same topic written by other users. The real name for this symbol is octothorpe and was designed by Bell’s telephone engineers. To be honest this name is not easy to use, so people started to call this sign the “hash” by the hash marks that appoints rank on the military uniforms.

The hashtag feature was included by many other social network platforms, Google+ and Instagram. Even with this feature still not included into Facebook, there are users that still use this # sign, perhaps due to their Twitter habit. All the negative criticism from users says that this step is ridiculous and they made it clear they don’t want Facebook to look like Twitter. And according to me, they are right. That’s Twitter, this is Facebook they can’t mix their features, it will be disordered and awful, plus users will be confused.

This is still categorized like a rumor but, Facebook appreciates the power of hashtagging, it is really popular on Instagram, as well. They can see how attractive is for users seeing pictures ordered in groups by searching just one highlighted word. We can’t say that this was expected from Facebook, while the main focus for the company is dividing information and putting them into feeds with the new feature News Feed makeover, and maybe including hashtags makes things easier for this process.

If this feature is included in Facebook, many users will be disappointed and some of them will be really happy because they are using it now although it’s not yet included. So, I guess it’s just a matter of time when Facebook users will finally have to accept the new feature and who knows – maybe they’ll like it?

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