Shareholders of Apple Thank Samsung: Now we Can BUY

Jasmina Lozevska March 17, 2013 0
Shareholders of Apple Thank Samsung: Now we Can BUY

Just when we all saw Apple’s shares on the right track to hit the four point mark for stock price last year and the beginning of this year, suddenly something has changed and the price started to fall pretty quickly. But now, despite the grand unveiling party for the Samsung Galaxy S4 they can finally put a smile on their face. “We can now BUY” was the first impression by the shareholders for the rising price of Apple’s shares. Today they went up to $443.66 rising 2.58 percent.

After the release of the newest device from the Apple’s biggest competitor, everyone thought that Apple would fall behind its biggest competitor Samsung. But while the early marks gave the new S4 slight boost, it was Apple who came up with rising shares as analysts started have different opinions for the new device from Samsung. Gene Munster was the loudest analyst to speak about it and also quoted couple of times around the Web as he believes that the Apple’s stock can now enjoy big relief following the less threatening than feared debut of the Galaxy S4.


Several of them are saying that Apple will start selling more devices now and they will lead the way with 35.5 million iPhone’s sold in the second fiscal quarter of this year. Alluding on the S4, one analyst named Milunovich says that this device continues to be the mark of negative news and reviews which can mean only one thing, increasing the payout by Apple or a blockbusting deal with China Mobile which will bring the suggested 4G network to the iPhone.

It’s interesting the view from Peter Misek who said that he expected to see how the world will accept the new device and whether they will get used to using the new S4. He added that he believes that there is no doubt that the Galaxy S4 will sell well but this device is far from being a revolutionary product. And this talk and news was enough for Apple’s shareholders to hit the BUY button.

This is the current situation, but who knows what would happen tomorrow? The tech world is moving and changing with the speed of light. Stay tuned for more of it.

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