Dropbox Bought Mailbox for Approximately $100 Million

Jasmina Lozevska March 18, 2013 0

Only three weeks has Mailbox “survived” like an independent app. As announced, this e-mail based application was bought by the file storage online service called Dropbox. Both companies reported the same to the Wall Street journal, saying that nothing will be changed. Mailbox would remain as a separate app, but the team working on mailbox will join Dropbox.

According to the CEO of Dropbox, Drew Huston, the reason for the purchase is so they can help Mailbox to reach more audience much faster and he added that they can use Mailbox app to improve the features of Dropbox including better way of handling the email attachments. This email based app is made by Orchestra and since its release they managed to get 1.3 million reservations. It’s also reported that Mailbox is delivering near 60 million messages on a daily bases, and recently they struggled to keep up with the demand. They believe that Dropbox could help them with handling the server load because they have lot of experience and a larger team.

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When the purchase news first came out, the price was undisclosed. But now reports say the storage company paid over $50 million upwards and the purchase cost $100 million in total including cash and stock. Dropbox had a strong position in the negotiations and the final result came out satisfying the both sides said the investor Charles Rivers. And his partner Saar Gur said that Mailbox had many possible companies to chose, but they felt that Dropbox was the best for their future, because Dropbox wanted to acquire them as a product not just because of the perspective team. With this acquisition Mailbox assured their future and they raised quite impressing additional funding.

A lot is going on in the Dropbox Company. Beside this new profitable acquisition, they included a new photo album feature that shows Dropbox is focusing on making some online photo space. They included another new feature which will allow users to use documents saved on the site without downloading it. The company behind Dropbox, made several changes to the Mac desktop application which includes different menu to the data saved online.

This is a well known procedure – a big company buys a smaller one to improve its operating. The same happened when Facebook bought Instagram. We all know the features of Dropbox, and there is no doubt that they are the best fit for Mailbox. Now we will wait to see if something is going to change.

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