The iOS 7 Feature that the iPad Should Really Have

Jasmina Lozevska March 18, 2013 0

We all need something for our favorite manufacturer to do or add on the next model. We all love the iPad tablets and using it just feels right and easy to handle. With all the accessories except with the keyboards, as a product, it’s definitely superior to other tablets. With a keyboard attached to it, the iPad really looks like a little laptop, but it can’t fully replace it. Will iOS 7 bring this to users?

Apple never said anything about this product being a laptop replacement. Maybe they left space for developers to make tech attachments for it and make it better. The keyboard came almost like a perfect tool, I say almost because of that small touchpad. But that’s my opinion.


I have to admit, I fell in love with the idea of the Type Cover that Microsoft Surface Pro has. It looks really nice on the 10-inch tablet design, I can easily drag and drop, highlight and edit, I don’t even need to reach to the touch screen to do that kind of stuff. So maybe this should be considered as a fresh idea for Apple’s next tablet device? iOS doesn’t support touch pads but they should start using it. It would probably be a game changer.

As we approach April, we are hearing a ton of rumors about new devices from Apple, but there is not even a slight sight of them. We all expect revolutionary iOS 7, something that only Apple could produce, something new, magical, useful and something that can fully transform the using of the iPad. My dream is Touch pad support and I assume your dream is different than mine. So let’s create a group called “Dream Features on new Apple Devices”, shall we? There we can share everything that comes to our mind. Oh yeah and I almost forgot, I would like to see a keyboard cover with touch pad directly made by Apple. I even can imagine the design in my mind, and it’s awesome.

I’m not asking for touch pads for the entire OS features, but I would like only some of the applications to support it. Maybe it’s a little bit lame, but we are talking about physical keyboard and I’m in love with it, so don’t judge me. If Apple makes this a reality and adds this feature to the OS, I’m sure many of us would just simply love it.

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