New iPhone Campaign by Apple to Rival the Unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4

Jasmina Lozevska March 18, 2013 0
New iPhone Campaign by Apple to Rival the Unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4

Maybe the grand opening for the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 was the hottest topic over the past few days, but Apple was not impressed by it. They made new page as an addition to the existent Apple’s site where they have posted a list of things that set the iPhone apart, which means it’s Apple’s newest iPhone campaign.

When you open it, the first thing that catches your eyes is the big headline that says: “There’s iPhone and then there’s everything else”. The site was added yesterday and it’s meant to show the users what kind of an experience the iPhone offers or with better words, a list of features that place the iPhone above the other smartphone producers. But we clearly know that this list is influenced by the great reveal of the Galaxy S4.

You can reach this web page by clicking the button from the Apple’s official site. They even sent an e-mail to their customers just so they can see it. The site is provided with information about hardware design, the thing that puts iOS over Android, awards from costumer satisfactions, the selection of the applications offered by the App Store, quality of the iSight camera and many other features.


They teased the plastic surface of the Galaxy S4, saying that with the iPhone you can experience the smoothly designed aluminum made enclosure. They added that every detail and every material is refined with great precision.

Apple has praised the Retina display. And with that, they went directly at the display of the Samsung, because in the past all the smartphones made by Samsung included candied and oversaturated colors. But with the S4, Samsung believes that they took the screen to another level.

Bringing the camera to a discussion, they targeted all the other smartphones that have cameras with less pixel density. They said that their camera simply has bigger number of megapixels. There is no doubt that iSight has great quality, but now the S4 has 13 megapixel camera and maybe Apple were alluding on bringing larger camera in  their next product.

They praised the App store too. Saying that there is large amount of applications available, or to be exact over 800 000 apps which can make your iPhone experience much better.

Opinions are divided – some are saying that they are scared from the competition and others are saying that they just wanted to use the weaknesses of this new not-so-promising Samsung S4 and stress features of the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is just half an year old and this is a well timing for Apple to praise the superiority of its latest device.

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