Outdated Apple Interface Leaves Something to be Desired

Jasmina Lozevska March 19, 2013 0

Every CEO of the competitor companies has something to say about Apple’s iPhone device. The last one of them that commented Apple’s work was BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins.

In an interview for Australian Financial Review, first he praised the company by saying that they did a tremendous job with the touch devices and a fantastic job with the interface. But then he changed his attitude towards Apple and said that the very same fantastic user interface is getting really old. He noted that if you are not innovative enough and you can’t keep up with the competition you will be replaced really quickly, alluding to Apple.

These comments about the functionality of the iOS from Heins, came after they released the breakthrough model BlackBerry 10. I say breakthrough because they announced that this touchscreen device will bring the company to another level or it will crash it at some point. The OS was the thing regarded as a priority when BlackBerry was producing this smartphone. The software takes full touch advantage of the display and the company has a really optimistic perspective about the future, announcing that the very same OS will be included on the new BlackBerry Q10 which will be launched later this year.


Blackberry CEO also added that he believes the OS running on the BlackBerry 10 is better than iOS in some ways. For example, he brought up the multitasking feature, saying that this feature is better, easier to run and can use multiply apps at the same time. When asked about if they are planning to produce tablets, he denied by adding that that’s a market in which Apple dominates and they are best at manufacturing tablets. At least he praised Apple in one aspect.

At the end of his interview, Heins claimed that his company is ready to launch the latest smartphone BlackBerry 10 in the US this week. He added that when the Z10 hits the stores, there will be 100 000 applications ready in its application marketplace. After the good start, BlackBerry’s applications store is still far behind Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

I’m not really sure about the things that he said are completely true. If they had the best software out there, at least some numbers would have shown that. All we know so far is that the smartphone market share war is led by Samsung and Apple.

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