After Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch, be Prepared for Life AFTER Android

Jasmina Lozevska March 20, 2013 0
After Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch, be Prepared for Life AFTER Android

The revealing of the Galaxy S4 looked more like some kind of a Broadway show than launching a new smartphone. A great event, I have to say. But watching it I noticed one thing – they didn’t say anything about the OS that runs on this device. Maybe something fishy is going down there between Samsung and Google.

It wasn’t just that. The presenters spent most of the time saying the S word in front of every feature that this Samsung has. For example the S-Drive and S-Translator, these are all built-in Android applications, but Samsung wanted to take all the credit and to show that they are more important and superior than the running software. If you ask me, this clearly looks like an attempt for distancing from Google and Android. If you think I’m talking like a person who is not a fan of Samsung, read this additional indication about their cracked relationship. The former head of Android, Andy Rubin in an interview for the WSJ called Samsung a constantly growing threat. And according to what they have said, they were focusing more on their own brand at the launch ceremony for the S4 and that has shaken the things a little bit more. The director of Samsung’s marketing telecommunications said that Android was important but irrelevant at that time. It’s all about Samsung’s brand, although Android enables the running of every feature and application from Google Play.


So maybe they are finally focused towards making their own operating system or just they want to replace Android for something that Samsung will have a full control of.

Every rumor is saying that Tizen is the best fit for them. Tizen represents a mix of failed operating systems. It has a lot of work to be done just to be made perfect or at least get a refinement. The first mobile devices running on this software are scheduled to appear later this year and it will be pushed forward by Japan’s NTT Docomo and France’s Orange carrier. Docomo and Orange have already reported that they consider Tizen to be a main platform for devices placed higher on the market.

We all saw Samsung proving that they can lead the market share but can they do it without Android? They still have yet to prove that they can be a software company, as well. We all thought that last year they are working on something like this with all the software engineers that were hired. But nothing came up. With Tizen they would have perfect growing system supported from carriers and some other vendors.

It’s now time to think is there any life for Samsung and the users after Android? – I guess not, because Samsung is there where it is not just because of their great work, but Android has a big piece of that pie. But it’s never too late to be surprised.


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