Radioshack Lowering Prices on iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy 4S

Jasmina Lozevska March 20, 2013 0
Radioshack Lowering Prices on iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy 4S

Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled last week and the next iPhone 5S or 6 is rumored to come out this summer and these rumors are enough for stores to start with their offers including lowered smartphone prices. RadioShack is the first consumer electronic store that took this kind of step, lowering the prices of iPhone 5 and 4S and of Samsung Galaxy S3. People from RadioShack said that this promotion will last until April 4.

If you are a Samsung and Android fan, this store is offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 for a reasonable price and it seems like this is the best offer. Buying this device, you can save $150 with a 2-year contract. This smartphone usually costs $199 but now with this offer you can take it for just $49.

In case you prefer Apple’s products, with buying the new iPhone 5 or its predecessor iPhone 4S you can save up to $50 with a new Sprint plain. This promotion is available only in the stores, so users can’t the lowered-price devices by ordering them online. If you want to save more money than this, you can use the Trade & Save program provided by RadioShack. This program lets the users trade their older device for cash for a new purchase. You can consider this as an additional discount, if you don’t know what to do with your used device.


This is the first and we hope not the last promotion that we will see in these stores. RadioShack was the first, but other carriers and retailers will pretty soon follow this promotion and you will be able to choose the most attractive offer. So you can wait for this or run to the nearest RadioShack store and make your contract.

After a couple of months, each new product faces a price drop just to make room for the next product. While some of the newest technology users are poised to get the latest product of their favorite smartphone manufacturer as soon as they come out, those who are smart enough and not so much into technology, can find these kinds of offers really attractive. You can buy brand new Galaxy S3 just for $50. Think about it.


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