Is There a Need to Switch to Blackberry Z10?

Sara Cunningham March 16, 2013 0

Blackberry has been experiencing its rough years since the launch of iOS and Android phones. The company became very famous of its QWERTY keyboard phones which also had a fair share of popularity in the past years. It’s the greatest time of the year for the company to release its newest and first ever series of touch screen phones. Last January, the Blackberry Z10 was released and is the flagship of the company’s new line of touch screen smartphones.

The battle has just begun for Blackberry since, after the release of its latest smartphone, then came the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the rumored release of the next iOS phone, the iPhone6. It made a good sales report right after its first month of release. Of all the new smartphones that are still yet to come on the market, the company has to stand to its decision to gain back the trust of its customers that decided to patronize other smartphone brands. Is this brand new phone worth the money and trust of its users? We will find out.

Is There a Need to Switch to Blackberry Z10?

The Blackberry Z10 looks like one of the iOS phones when far since it exudes a sleek black physical appearance. The back of the phone is slightly rubberized to cover and protect the rear part of the phone. It measures 130mmX65.6mmX9mm in its dimensions and is considered to be slim enough for portability. Its build is considered to be durable that it looks like it was made for the use of an athlete, liquid spills and unexpected dropping.

The phone has a 4.2 inch screen with 1280X768 display, good enough to showcase a very clear resolution, its pixel density even exceeded the one that the iPhone5 has. It may not be that good in very bright environments like the iPhone5 does but no one will ever go wrong with the sharpness of its resolution. The Blackberry Z10 also carries the Blackberry 10 – the new software or operating system from the company that is trying to prove it’s self from its competitors like Apple and Google. Most of the gestures of this phone are based on swiping from the screen to the display. For example, swiping from the bottom to the top unlocks the phone and leads to the Home Screen.

On the Home Screen, the user will see the usual Blackberry business theme which shows a number of applications. It is available with a built-in internal storage of 16GB with 2GB RAM, which is also expandable for up to 64GB by a micro SD card. It is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon processor which is dual-core at 1.5GHz Krait.

It has an 8MP camera at 3264X2448 pixel. It also has the usual features of a good camera which are the autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, face detection and image stabilization. It also has a secondary 2MP camera which is not the best, but good enough for a video call. Its battery can last up to 312 hours of standby time and 10 hours of talk time. It’s powered by a Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery. Aside from the technical specifications, the new phone also features a new interface for its users.

First, the Blackberry Hub, is a notification stream that allows you to look into your social media accounts and email accounts right in one place. Second, the Blackberry Balance which splits the phone into two so it would be easier for the user to switch from work tasks to personal activities on the phone without being disconnected from either of the two. Third, the Blackberry World – you can compare this one to the application stores of Android and Apple. The user is allowed to purchase and download applications for his smartphone. There are other user interfaces available like the all-new BBM Video and Screen Share.

Blackberry shows its modern, stylistic and elegant design of this phone. It also has new user interfaces that give the user more options to enjoy the handset. Its newest feature is the BBM Video which allows the user to have a clear voice and video calls from its co-BBM users. This feature rivals the Facetime service of Apple and Android. It is a unique phone that carries its own operating system and is a good start for the company in gaining back its users.  The technical specifications of the phone may not be totally perfect but surely meets the needs of its users.

The memory specification of the phone is good enough to perform its task and is a good move for Blackberry to compete with Android devices, since Android devices are usually limited to 2GB of RAM as of the moment. It is ready to be used in 4G networks and NFC equipped which allows the user to exchange different media files from other BBM users. It also has a Micro HDMI which will able the user to play the latest HD films and even TV shows from their Blackberry to their HDTV.

The camera is not too impressive, it may capture photos with better resolution, but an 8MP camera for a pricey phone is not satisfying at all. It’s too small knowing that we are already in the world of phone tablets. Blackberry was too late in designing this handset. The applications are not accessible for its users, since most of the applications are not free and have a high price, to start with.

The Blackberry Z10 is good for people in the business and corporate world. With its sleek and minimal design, business people would be enticed to buy this since it looks so professional. The Blackberry Balance feature will entice them the most because it allows them to do  two different tasks at one time. It would be hard to convince the majority of the consumers since it doesn’t look like a fun phone. People would rather buy an Android phone that has many free and available applications; an Android phone is user-friendly and has so many designs to choose from.

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