Latest News About the New Roku 3

Sara Cunningham March 20, 2013 0
Latest News About the New Roku 3

Roku is a device produced by an American company. It is a famous streaming-video box, which allows users to access live streaming audios and videos from the internet. It just announced its latest generation, the Roku 3 that features a remote that has a built-in headphone jack. This new release of the device lives up to its reputation as the best of its kind in streaming machines. It has a faster processor that is going to make the device perform its task faster.

The latest release has new software to make scrolling of channels easier for the users. The menus of the channels are expected to be released come April. The device will be able to support 750 channels to offer to its users. Some of those channels would include Amazon Instant, HBO Go, Pandora, MLB.TV, Amazon Cloud Player, Vudu and Netflix.

Latest News About the New Roku 3

The main attraction of the Roku 3 is its remote that comes with the package. It will allow the user to listen to audios and videos on your own, without disturbing others. The device can support many channels but some are frustrated to know that until to this latest release, the YouTube Channel isn’t available yet. The existing users of the Roku 2 XS are still thinking twice whether to upgrade to the latest model or not, the speed is an issue for these users.

However, according to the company, this time it’s going to be different. Since the Roku 3 is equipped with a powerful processor. The device will respond quickly whenever the user scrolls for several channels or any interface available on the device. The users of the device are expecting more from the newest release. Somehow, there are new features and the company did not disappoint its users.

As mentioned earlier, it offers a private listening feature to its users, a feature that other brands don’t even have on the devices. According to analysts who have tried the feature, it responds quickly and as soon as the headphone jack is plugged in. It automatically transmits the audio into the remote. It also looks different from the previous model. It has a rounded design and is a little wider and taller at the same time, but has almost the same dimensions with the Roku 2 XS model.

Aside from using internet content to play on the device, there are other ways to have non-Internet audios and videos to the device. The user can use USB drives or memory cards, plug it into the Roku 3 and then enjoy. The Roku 3 is a new device that is going to be an excellent choice of investment for its avid users.

As of the moment, current users of the Roku 2 XS still doubt whether there is a need for them to upgrade to the latest version. They actually can’t find any fair reason to switch to the new one since it doesn’t have much of a difference. According to them, upgrade will most likely to happen once many have proved that the speed of the Roku 3 is way better than its predecessor.

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