Samsung Set to Produce a Smart Watch

Jasmina Lozevska March 21, 2013 0
Samsung Set to Produce a Smart Watch

I think I’ve heard this somewhere else. Oh yes, Apple reported earlier this year that they are working on making a smartwatch. It’s expected to come out sometime this year. Now Samsung wants a piece of the same pie and produce their own smartwatch. This was reported yesterday by the vice president of Samsung, Lee Young Hee, who was interviewed by Bloomberg.

He said they were preparing the smartwatch and they have been working hard on it for a very long time and they were focusing only for the future products and the smartwatch is on their plan list. He didn’t say what features will this new smartwatch have or what will be the price of it. He didn’t even say when it will be available, he only mentioned that they are working on it. He also added that this is not a copy product form the rumored Apple smartwatch. Is it me, or this is one of Samsung’s attempts to follow Apple’s steps?


This February, Bloomberg came out with a report that Apple hired 100 designers to work on the iWatch (the rumored name for the Smartwatch). This device will be completely compatible with all the iOS devices and it will allow you to see incoming calls, read e-mails and messages, control your music player and other stuff.

The global industry for watches, during 2013 will generate around $60 billion from sales. Although there are many smartwatches out there on the market, there is no doubt that everyone is expecting the new revolutionary iWatch from Apple and with this new information coming from Samsung, we’ll be even more impatient to see what these smartwatches are all about.


Both of them (Apple and Samsung) are heading towards producing watches when the smartphone market is approaching to saturation. A significantly slow growth is expected in the next few years, to 9.8% in 2017, according to Bloomberg’s research. And the current leaders in that field will feel the same reduction. This is supported by the facts that Apple’s sales from last quarter had the slowest growth in more than 2 years, and Samsung in January this year warned of low demand for its devices. But I’m sure that with the new smartphone devices (Galaxy S4 and the next iPhone 5S) this numbers will go up again.

I don’t want to think that Samsung always make a move after their biggest competitor Apple, and also I don’t want to think that they always launch a chipper product just to take the market share out of Apple. But I’m looking forward to see the both smartwatches and their features.

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